Our new menuOur Executive Chef Luke Apps and his team of chefs have been busy cooking up a storm. We're proud to launch our NEW MENU at The International Hotel. Filled with all your bistro classics like succulent steaks, juicy burgers on shiny milk buns and Naples style oven fired pizzas, plus some new dishes like Inter Poutine, chicken wings six ways, delicious salad bowls and one of our favourites, the 'Sunday Roast Mash-Up Chicken Schnitzel.

Check out the NEW MENU and try it for yourself. Don't forget to check out our weekday lunch specials, seniors' and kids' menus.


Aeroplane Beer

I like Aeroplane Beer...Aeroplane Beer for me!

Archer Brewing and Dainton Family Brewing have been busy creating something to take us all the way back to your childhoods, but letting us enjoy it in a grown-up way. Introducing Aeroplane Beer, an Imperial Pilsner that's been brewed with a whole lot of Berry Blue Aeroplane Jelly crystals.

The 6.3% Aeroplane Jelly Beer is 'interestingly' coloured and jell-icious! Try this limited edition beer on tap now at Archer's Bunker, downstairs at The International Hotel, from 5pm till late Friday and Saturday. Better invite your mates too or they'll be totally jell-ous...

Heidi and ScottJoin us on Friday for an after work drink and the cool crooning of musical duo, Heidi & Scott. Heidi & Scott will be performing live in the main bar from 4pm-6pm on 15 June, 13 July, 27 July, 10 August and 24 August 2018.