Accommodation in Australia

Already from Italy and then look for a house to share with friends and flatmates from all over the world to improve your English and integrate faster. Not everyone finds a home immediately and it is better to resign yourself to the idea of ​​spending at least a couple of weeks in a hostel or in a shared house. An often fun experience, useful for making new friends and for settling in for a while. Here are some tips.

We have agreements with many hostels across Australia and we can therefore book a bed for you in all cities. We have selected the most beautiful hostels, the ones with the best reviews and the ones with the most activities and services dedicated to you who have just arrived! An opportunity to meet new friends and get used to it. How to do?

Student halls and shared houses
If the idea of ​​a hostel does not convince you, because you prefer accommodation more like a house to share with other people, you can choose a student residence, in particular in Melbourne, or a house to share with other children, in any city. The ideal solution for the first month, until you have found your home, with your friends!


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